Blood Sugar Levels Chart

Chart of Life - Blood Sugar Levels Chart


Glucose, or in other words the sugar in our blood is  responsible for the increase and decrease in sugar levels. So how does this  sugar come into our blood? There are specific enzymes in our body that helps in breaking down the carbohydrates into glucose,  which is done inside our digestive system. This glucose then goes into our bloodstream after being absorbed by the small intestine.

The normal range for sugar level is 70mg to 100 mg/dL. This number can fluctuate a bit considering how much  carbohydrates a person has taken. The more carbohydrate consumption means more glucose and more glucose means higher sugar  levels. In the morning when we wake up it is generally on the lower side. In case the sugar level drops, our liver releases  the extra glucose called glycogen, which brings back the sugar level to normal.

Low blood sugar levels chart  indicates the value below 70mg, which causes Hypoglycemia. If it drops too low, which is less than 50mg it can even cause a  seizure.  Thus, the Blood Sugar Levels Chart, especially the Low Blood Sugar Levels chart plays a vital role in helping you check your  condition of sugar level.


The Blood Sugar Levels Chart has three levels as indicated  below:

Sugar Level                   Minimum Value         Maximum Value

Normal                               70 mg                   100 mg
Early Stage of Diabetes        101 mg                  126 mg
Diabetes is Established        Over 126 mg

High Blood Sugar Levels Chart is an extension to the above Blood Sugar Levels chart.

High Blood Sugar Level            Minimum Value        Maximum Value

Pre-diabetes – Before Meal         100 mg            126 mg
Pre-diabetes - After Meal            140 mg            199 mg
Diabetes – Before Meal              126 mg            Over 126 mg
Diabetes - After Meal                 200 mg            Over 200 mg

To maintain the sugar levels, diet plays a significant role. Moreover, physical activities like slow running or jogging can also help  in regulating the sugar levels within the normal range.